Where to begin, There were so many highlights over the past few months we spent with Judy and Talia during our home search. We wanted to make sure our testimonial was thoughtful and truly captured the fantastic experience we had working with them, which can explain how much time it took to follow up with this review after our closing in March.

As first time home buyers in the San Francisco area, we began our home search slightly overwhelmed and discouraged by the the competitive Bay Area market. That was all put to ease upon meeting Judy, she took the time to educate us on the market and did her research to learn about our priorities. 

Her upfront diligence ultimately helped us understand what would be a good investment for us as a young family. It was instantly apparent that Judy was a seasoned expert in Real Estate and she seemed to advise us just as she would her own family members. Throughout the entire process, we felt as though the Citron ladies always had our best interests at heart and their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients was truly unique. 

In addition to her market insight, knowledge, logic and negotiating skills, what sets Judy apart from the rest is her honesty and integrity. Two inherent qualities that cannot be learned. Judy was extremely patient with us and never once did we feel rushed or pressured to buy. Judy made it known that she was with us for the long haul as this was one of the biggest purchases we would make and we should feel confident about our decision. 

Both Judy and Talia always made themselves available for us, we are currently suffering from withdrawals and missing our daily interactions and phone conversations. Judy is truly one of the hardest working agents and her and Talia are without a doubt the Best Real Estate team in the Bay Area. 

Throughout our home search process, we found out we were expecting. After finding our dream home and learning this fantastic news, Judy jumped through hoops and did the impossible in helping us close on our home. She did an excellent job in negotiating and managing both parties to come to a mutually beneficial outcome. Another bonus was Judy's expertise in remodeling and her ability to connect us to a variety of local businesses and trades in the area. 

There are not enough words to express how grateful we are to Judy and Talia for their invaluable expertise. We strongly recommend Judy and Talia, without a single reservation. They are a class act and I know that if we ever sell our home and decide to move, they will be our first call. Thank you ladies for everything and for making us feel a part of the Citron family, We couldn't be happier. We feel so fortunate to have worked with Judy and Talia.

- Cali M.

My wife and I interviewed several realtors before finally selecting Judy to represent us on the recent sale of our home. From our first meeting with Judy, we could tell she was well organized, thoughtful, extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the local markets and that she would be proactive in helping us get ready to sell our house, and candid about what we could expect in the process.  

With Judy we knew we had a partner in the process, one with whom we thought we had the best chance to maximize the price on the sale of our home. Both Judy and her partner Talia put so much time and effort into the prep work necessary to help make our house shine, both online and at open houses, that we knew going into the sale process that we could not have been better prepared.  

Judy was personally at each of the open houses, which was a critical element to determining who were truly the most interested potential bidders and how best to appeal each of them. She followed up relentlessly with potentially interested parties, keeping her finger on the pulse of the sale process from start to finish. 

We came to greatly appreciate the candid feedback we received throughout the process as well as the general positive can do attitude that exemplifies Judy's approach to her role. In this market, it's easy to talk about houses getting multiple offers, but running the sales process to ensure that you get the right multiple offers which is not ever a given requires a special skill set, someone who is both a good listener to and observer of other people as well as someone who can convey the proper sense of urgency to get people lined up when the time comes for bids. 

Judy was truly the best I have seen at this, and it resulted in us selling our home for far in excess of our expectations. We put our most valuable asset into Judy's hands and she delivered, plain and simple. As Judy knows, we would be more than willing to speak with anyone interested in retaining her, so feel free to ask to speak with us if you want more details. We could not recommend Team Citron more highly.

- Luke B.

Judy and Talia are by far the best team in the Menlo Park or Palo Alto market, Originally my family had used another agent who tried to sell us every house that we previewed even those that were clearly not right for us or way out of our price range. A friend recommended Judy Citron, and we never looked back. 

It was clear from the beginning that Judy's strengths included honesty, integrity, persistence, and experience in the Menlo Park or Palo Alto housing markets. We felt at ease with Judy because she really would only encourage us to make offers on homes that were perfect for us.  She never wanted us to overbid for a home,and even told us we weren't allowed to offer on homes because they were way overpriced,  unsafe due to lack of permits or not for us. 

She knows the market inside and out, even when our offers weren't accepted, the purchase price was always what Judy had projected.  We ended up purchasing a home in Allied Arts, MP, for multiple hundreds of thousands, under asking Her motto was always, I want to win the house by $1, or less.

Another bonus was her expertise in building/remodeling and ability to connect us to expert architects, contractors, and other consultants in the area. Talia was always available to show us properties, and even met us at our new home during the closing period on numerous occasions. With the Citron Ladies, you will never feel like a burden or just another commission.  

They are always available for you by phone, email, or in person and make you feel like you are their only clients. My husband and I still miss our daily interactions with these women and hope to stay in touch in the future. They are a class act and if we ever sell our home, Judy and Talia will certainly, 100%, be our listing agents.  

- Sarah H.

I have recently worked with a real estate agent in Menlo Park who is head and shoulders above any other real estate agent I know.  She referred a client to me to assist with a move, and I got a chance to watch her closely as she managed the entire real estate transaction with grace and skill.

This was a very difficult client, from another culture, very elderly, very angry and depressed and hard to deal with on many different levels.  Judy Citron, of Alain Pinel Realtors, went so far beyond the call of duty I was astonished.

Even after she sold the client's condominium, she continued to help her in so many ways taking her to purchase electronics, helping her with phone calls and paperwork, driving her to various appointments, giving her moral support, always with patience, kindness, and generosity.  I've really never seen anything like it.  

And I've watched a lot of real estate professionals closely, as I often am engaged to assist in homes that are about to sell or have sold recently. Judy is also a consummate professional when it comes to assessing value, marketing homes, assisting in obtaining the very best deal for the client, and easing the sometimes onerous process involved with buying and selling real estate.  

She knows the market very well from San Francisco to San Jose, is a real go getter, very efficient, and very calm under pressure. I have seen her on several occasions when the going got rough use her very clever mind to figure out a solution and carry it off with grace and aplomb. 

She is always available she seems to answer her phone 24/7, and emails are answered quite promptly as well. But most important, this is an ethical woman with very strong principles; her credo is that her clients come first, and she will do whatever is needed to assist her clients. One doesn't see this level of customer service very often anymore.I cannot recommend Judy highly enough. She is fabulous.

- Jackie B.

While the real estate market is full of uncertainty, there is one thing that is for the sure. If you are buying or selling a home in the Bay Area, you should work with Judy Citron. Why, you should ask, Judy is a good listener. All the properties she showed me were in my desired style, size, location, and price. She did not waste my time taking me to places that did not meet my requirements. 

Judy is extremely market knowledgeable. She provided useful analysis and insight regarding historic pricing, current trends, and so forth, well beyond the usual surface information provided by other agents. Judy is an excellent communicator. She was honest and straightforward, very responsive to phone and email messages, explained everything in an easy to understand way, and was extremely patient with my endless questions. 

Judy is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. She knows the process inside and out, forwards and backwards. She has a can do attitude. Nothing slips through the cracks. No matter the obstacle, she keeps things moving in a positive direction. Judy is a builder. She has an eye for home design and experience with construction, building materials, and such the like. 

She provided helpful information regarding potential improvements, their costs, and their impact on resale value. Judy is a fantastic negotiator. She got my place below the list price with the deal being so good that my neighbors were simply amazed. Judy is truly an advocate. Beyond her strong competence, you can tell that she is looking out for your best interests. 

She was always encouraging but never pushy and it felt very safe to go through the process with her. Before buying my home, friends warned me to expect stress, worry, and anxiety. But it didn't feel that way at all. Somehow Judy managed to make the experience even pleasant. Like magic. She's the best.

- Jaclyn

This is a long overdue review for our miracle worker, Judy Citron. She was truly amazing as a buyer's agent in getting us into our house in Palo Alto, and she and Talia were exceptional in helping us sell that house years later. During the buying process, we found that Judy's intuition was astoundingly spot on. As buyers, we had been keeping an eye on the market and had our own predictions on certain properties how quickly they'd sell, the final price. 

Judy would assert that house X would sell for $Y in Z days, and many times I would think  no way, that's way off, and each time Judy's guess was right on the mark. In buying our house in Palo Alto, we had to jump through a bunch of extra hoops as it was sold under conservatorship and Judy was an invaluable guide in navigating the sometimes twisted path. 

We were very happy we got that house and I cannot tell you the handsprings Judy performed to get us in there no really, she made me promise not to say. In selling that house a few years later, Judy and Talia again gave us critical guidance both in preparing the house for sale making strategic calls on scheduling, staging, offer navigation and also in dealing with a surprise softening of the market. 

And in the end, we found an awesome family as buyers and we're all very happy with the outcome. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Judy and Talia, and we'd recommend them without reservation, both as buyer and seller agents.

- Adam C.

Judy and Talia offer all you could hope for from a realtor, and more! Judy is clearly seasoned and expert in all aspects of preparing a home for the market, comparative analysis, pricing, negotiating, and counseling buyers and sellers alike. I met Judy when she was representing the seller of the condo I purchased in Menlo Park. 

It was instantly apparent that she was top of the line in terms of knowledge and ethics, with a warm and personable demeanor as well. I'm a fan of the no nonsense approach, especially when it comes to residential real estate. I was very eager to have her list my home in Redwood City. I was cautioned by others that she might not give my entry level home much attention. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. She and Talia somehow manage to be completely hands on with preparing a home for market, without being pushy. They made the process so easy, referring and securing help where needed, example given handyman, landscaper and booking a wonderful staging company. 

I had multiple offers within a week, and sold in 30 days just over the top of the range I had considered possible. Most importantly, they made it all easy and inspired confidence every step of the way. What a good feeling to know you have made the right choice in representation for the sale of your home. I would enthusiastically refer friends or family to Judy, knowing they would receive the best advice, service, and care. 

- Jen K.

I had an excellent experience working with Judy and recommend her without reservation for selling a property in the Menlo Park, Redwood City and Palo Alto area. Judy has a unique combination of house selling and buying experience, market insight, marketing knowledge, vast realtor network, respect from other agents, excellent reputation, house building experience, knowledge of building codes, intelligence, logic, strength, and negotiation skills. 

I needed all of these for the sale of our property. We had a rare situation of selling a premium lot with an old house on it that could be used with a lot of work or could be torn down and rebuilt. We needed to market the house in such a way as to appeal to the most buyers while flushing out the right one that could see the vision for what the property could become. 

Judy had a great team of people working for her, one of which was a designer who created sketches of what could be permitted to be built on the lot. Working well together, we came up with a marketing strategy and Judy's team executed it well. 

The home sold quickly at full market value. There is no question that if I had to sell or buy another property in that area that I would use Judy again. She delivers a rare value in today's world: excellent service and successful accomplishment. She is also a pleasure to work with.

- Pete S. 

I recently sold my first home in Menlo Park, California. After interviewing several realtors, I decided to work with Judy. I am so glad I made that choice. She is a true real estate professional and is exceptionally honest, very hard working, genuine, and experienced. She stood out clearly from the pack. Since this was my first time selling a house, I had many questions regarding pricing, promotion, costs, and the process. 

Judy was very patient in answering all of my questions and she always explained her thought process on the strategy for selling my home. She did a wonderful job promoting my property and orchestrating the offer process. As with any real estate transaction, there were unforeseen hiccups and emotions involved.  

Judy did an excellent job negotiating and also managing both parties involved to come to a mutually beneficial outcome. She is strong when she needs to be strong and constructively pushed back on me and the other parties involved when needed but remained very personable and rational when doing so. In getting to know Judy during this process, it is clear that she takes pride in being ethical and providing great customer service.

- R.G Longmont

Judy and Talia are the best real estate team in the area they helped us both sell our home and buy a new one in Menlo Park. What sets Judy and Talia apart are their honesty, integrity, patience and willingness to go above and beyond for their clients. They treated us like family and stuck with us for years until we found the perfect home.

When places would come up during our search, rather than rush us into making a decision, they helped us weigh the pros and cons, just like a family member who really had our best interest at heart. Judy is very well known and respected by other agents in the field and that proved invaluable in our transactions. 

She also has a lot of experience with construction and remodeling, which helped us quickly evaluate whether properties were right for us. I'd strongly recommend them without a single reservation to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home in Menlo Park.

- Rosie L.

Judy is outstanding. Not only does she know the market inside out, she also goes out of her way to make sure that you get the best value. After having helped us patiently for several months in our search, Judy found us the perfect house in Menlo Park that we absolutely love, and at a price which made sense.

Being a first time buyer, I had tons of questions and Judy was able to give me very objective advice for every question that I had. She made sure that we were always presented with the facts out there, and then let us make decisions based on those facts. 

Even after the deal was done, Judy continued to look after our needs and helped us in a variety of ways to help us get settled. I very strongly recommend Judy to anyone out there looking for an agent that is a true professional and will always keep the client's interest first.

- Vinay P.

We have worked with a number of brokers over the years and, hands down, she's simply the best. She's incredibly real, genuine and honest with high energy, a great sense of humor and amazing work ethic.  

She has fantastic social skills and a very high EQ which enables her to empathize and connect immediately to your needs and then do whatever it takes to meet them.

Judy offered us invaluable advice throughout every stage of selling our house and went beyond making our dream come true. But, most importantly, she made the whole process from start to finish fun. We can't recommend her highly enough and are so thankful we finally found the perfect real estate broker.

- Lea A.

I cannot imagine meeting a more experienced, intuitive, friendly, hard working, and well connected agent. She knows the market inside and out.  Her intuition about pricing and timing were spot on.  

She is a very sharp businessperson and her intuition and negotiating skills are consummate. In this seller's market with crazy high prices, the agent's commission also is high, but in her case she was worth every single penny and more. Cannot praise her enough.

- Elliot K.

When we sold the house, we interviewed 3 brokers and finally chose Judy Citron. She is affable, experienced, and credible. After confirming the cooperation, Judy Citron has always dominated the transaction process and maintained a smooth communication with us, and we don't have to worry too much about it, and enjoy the comprehensive services provided by her and her team.

During the preparation phase of the sale, Judy Citron made a good suggestion for us and made some necessary renovations to the house. She found a reasonable price for the renovation team, and managed the entire project in a comprehensive manner, to ensure that the renovation was completed on time and the house was in good condition. After the listing of the house, Judy Citron keeps track of the market and potential buyers and helps us determine the trading strategy. She started from our interests, negotiated prices with buyers, made our house sell for a good price, and delivered it in less than 20 days.

The process of Judy Citron helping us sell the house is peace of mind, peace of mind, and joy. I hope there will be opportunities to cooperate with her in the future.

- Xi Y.